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Construction and Installations

We are delighted to announce that we are now offering and have experience in Full Design and Obtaining Statutory Approvals, Project Management, Installations, Mechanical and Commissioning of Waste Water Treatment Plants and Soakaways.  

Premier Water Solutions Ltd is a small environmental consultancy company based in Perranwell Station, Cornwall. The main focus of the business is undertaking Flood Risk Assessments, which covers all aspects of flooding such as fluvial, coastal, pluvial, highways, sewers etc. As part of the assessment they have to consider the risks of flooding to the site and from the site as a result of any potential development. In order to mitigate the risks from the development they design an engineered Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) solution in house using Micro Drainage Hydraulic Modelling Software and engineering drawing software.

Recently they have increased their services they are able to offer and are pleased to be able to announce today that they  now provide a cradle to grave design and installation service for domestic and trade effluent waste water treatment plants and drainage systems.

Louisa said, “ I am absolutely thrilled to win these prestigious awards, my feet haven’t  touched the ground since.  I started the company in January 2008 which was at the start of the recession. As we know the construction industry reduced significantly which meant that it was an extremely difficult start up period. We weathered the storm and produced technical reports and cost effective engineered solutions and gradually built up our reputation by achieving positive results. All of our work now comes from repeat business and referrals from architects, planning consultants and solicitors. In the last 6 months we have diversified to now provide a one stop shop for the design and installation of waste water treatment plants and drainage systems for domestic and trade effluent. We can secure all the necessary legal permits for the work such as planning permission, building regulations approval, environmental permits and the like. We have listened to our clients and the general feedback was that they liked how we deliver a project and now they want us to see the project through installation and commissioning. Our clients asked and we are so pleased to confirm that we are now able to deliver that service”.