Flooding 1
It is most people\'s dream to own a property adjacent to water, but the consequences of flooding is now close to ruining that perfect fantasy.
flooding 3
Before some flooding events there is usually time to erect temporary flood gates such as this one, which prevents flood water from entering into the property. Although in this case some flood water did get into the property and is being pumped out through the letterbox.
Flooding 4
Flooding at Portreath Harbour. Under normal conditions harbours are usually safe from flooding however, events such as tidal surges created by low pressures, tidal waves generated by a long fetch (South westerlies dominate with an extremely large fetch) and low pressures and now sea level rise due to climate change are all real problems affecting our harbours today.
A nice example of a high level inlet into the pond, supported with gabion baskets providing a stable headwall
Nice example of using the public open space as a way to store and mange surface water safely.
waterside 2
One of prestigous sites we are pleased to be working on.

OK so you have planning and you have to comply with the Mandatory Elements of SUR 2, so what is involved?


A statement from the appropriately qualified professional confirming that they are  qualified in line with the Code definition. The assessor must be Chartered and be a Full Memeber of either ICe or CIWEM -this means that most architects cannot undertake these assessments but, crucially, Louisa does have the correct qualifications.  

An Assessment of the liklihood of flooding from all sources of flooding.  This includes:

  • Tidal
  • Fluvial
  • Pluvial
  • Groundwater
  • Overland flow
  • Highway water
  • Infrastructure

If it is found that the liklihood of flooding is low from all sources then 2 Credits can be awarded.

A site located within Flood Zone 2 (Medium Risk) and Flood Zone 3A (High Flood Risk) providing that the Finished Floor Level is sufficiently raised and the Statutory Authorities have approved a Flood Risk Assessment, which must include detail on Flood Mitigation and Egress Routes etc. 

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