Flooding 1
It is most people\'s dream to own a property adjacent to water, but the consequences of flooding is now close to ruining that perfect fantasy.
flooding 3
Before some flooding events there is usually time to erect temporary flood gates such as this one, which prevents flood water from entering into the property. Although in this case some flood water did get into the property and is being pumped out through the letterbox.
Flooding 4
Flooding at Portreath Harbour. Under normal conditions harbours are usually safe from flooding however, events such as tidal surges created by low pressures, tidal waves generated by a long fetch (South westerlies dominate with an extremely large fetch) and low pressures and now sea level rise due to climate change are all real problems affecting our harbours today.
Flooding 5
Most flooding events are forecasted by a joint partnership between the Environment Agency and the Met Office. The flood levels and flood management is usually down to the Environment Agency.

Has Your Community Been Affected by Flooding Recently?

Recent heavy rainfall in November and December 2012 created widespread damage throughout the South West of England cutting off the main train and trunk roads into and out of Cornwall and affecting many towns which have been previously unaffected by flood events.

Do you want to engage with your neighbours to improve the flood warnings in your community?

There is a tremendous amount of information which is provided to the public from the Environment Agency, The Met Office, local BBC TV and Radio Stations but have you ever thought what could happen if the electric is knocked out and your elderly neighbour who does not have a smart phone, is not privy to the latest flood information?  

Here at Premier Water Solutions we are able to help develop Community Flood Plans, engage with the Stakeholders, the Emergency Services, the Community with the aim of helping your community, stay safe and to get back on its' feet quickly. Perhaps we can also negotiate a better deal for flood insurance for the whole community.  

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