We are a Open Market, Cradle to Grave Design and Installation Company for Storm Water and Waste Water Treatment Systems and our speciality is providing the more complex solution requiring "thinking outside of the box".

What this means and why we are different from other companies:

Open Market - We are not tied in to specifying a particular manufacturing brand of product(s), which means we are able to access the whole market for the Best Available Technology. This is crucial to any drainage solution and is the most IMPORTANT part of any design.

Cradle to Grave - We will come to site, undertake any site investigations which are required for the design process, provide a full engineered design drawing, complete with full construction specifications, undertake and obtain all required Statutory Authority Certificates (Building Regulations, Environmental Permits, Water Company S104 Approvals and Connection Certificates), provide a full CDM compliant Health and Safety Plan, Project Management, Installation, full Electrical and Mechanical Commissioning Service.  

We will provide the most cost effective solution to you, which will be satisfactory to all Statutory Authorities satisfying your obligations as "The Client" under the CDM Regulations 2015.  


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