Environmental Management Systems streamline companies policies reducing water and energy bills saving money, particularly important at the moment!
The Environmental Management system will need to address the labellign and storage of harmful chemicals to ensure they can\'t leak and damage the environment
The great thing about an Environmental Management System is that you can actually save money by going green. Carefully planned energy reduction and or renewable energy production and reducing water use is the best way to reduce operational costs for your business. Why not promote your green ethos it as well?
A brilliant example of not sorting waste adequately, mixing plastics with metals and woods. This is \"how not to store general waste\"
Does your skip currently look like this? if it does then we can help to write your company policy to seperate, store, recycle and transport your waste.

Consultancy Support

How much does an EMS Cost?

The costs involved in implementation vary dramatically depending upon the size and nature of your business and the type of service required from outside agencies. Development of a partnership approach using a consultant is the most cost effective way of achieving ISO 14001 especially if companies are in a position to take up grant aided schemes.

Our aim is to support and integrate existing systems and policies into the EMS, this is particularly useful if you already have a Quality System ISO 9001 or Health and Safety 18001. These documents can seamlessly link together to prevent over documentation and auditing, wasting time, paper and money.

We can do the following for you:    

  1. Provide an independant Initital Environmental Review
  2. Help with producing a register of environmental aspects and regulations
  3. Guidance on setting up improvement programs
  4. Technical assistance for implementing improvment programs
  5. Help with training your staff
  6. Developing the documentation while avoiding bureaucracy

What is involved with ISO Certification Process?

Generally this will consists of a one day Pre Audit which will cover all of the elements of the ISO 14001 concluding with a list of further requirements which should be met before final certification is approached.

Followed by a two day Main Audit where the certifier will follow a sample of the selected environmental aspects form cradle to grave. For example this might check the functioning of the system by following the environmental aspect which describes general waste. The auditor will follow the management of this aspect all the way through the EMS.

Once the EMS is certified there will be a series of on going surveilliance visits every 6 to 12 months, lasting about a day, to ensure that the EMS is effectively maintained by revisiting elements of the standard and following an audit trail for other environmental aspects not covered in the main audit trail.  


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