Brilliant CCTV Results

Case Study 3: Compton Road, Shepton Mallet, Somerset

CCTV Equipment




The client had been living in the property for approximately 12 years and had on regular occasions
experienced backed up drains in the manhole adjacent to the property. It was thought by the client
that the pipework was collapsed and since this was a private drain would have been costly for them.

A full CCTV survey was undertaken from the problem manhole towards the main sewer in the road. The Handykam colour surveying equipment is linked to a UV light protected screen for instant assessment together with a recording facility which burns the CCTV footage directly to the USB Key for insertion into the PC. Special computer software enables editing of the footage and a DVD is produced for each colour survey.

The problem was identified as being a build up of solid fat in the drain which reduced the flow
capacity in the pipework by about two thirds.


Fouled Pipe

Actual image from CCTV Equipment used to identify problems


Rodding at specifically 8m from the manhole, removed the fat and the drains were washed through with water. The drains have been operating freely ever since and the client was relieved not to have to pay for expensive remedial works for a collapsed drain.



"I am grateful to you for your prompt assistance. I am pleased to be able to report that my clients were impressed with the service that you gave them".

Mr Ivor Tetley, Solicitor, T.G Pollard & Co, Wells, Somerset. 28 April 2009



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Brilliant CCTV Results
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