Environmental Management Systems streamline companies policies reducing water and energy bills saving money, particularly important at the moment!
The Environmental Management system will need to address the labellign and storage of harmful chemicals to ensure they can\'t leak and damage the environment
A brilliant example of not sorting waste adequately, mixing plastics with metals and woods. This is \"how not to store general waste\"
Does your skip currently look like this? if it does then we can help to write your company policy to seperate, store, recycle and transport your waste.

Does your Company?

Do you run your own Business that generates waste or emissions?

Are you aware of the Environmental Legislation regarding your company's activities?

Are you at risk of fines and litigation from the Environment Agency?

Do you want to save your company money on operational costs?

If the Answer is Yes to any of the questions above, then your company would benefit from an Environmental Management System.

What is an Environmental Management System (EMS)?

This refers to the management of an organisations environmental programs in a comprehensive, systematic, planned and documented manner. It includes the organisational structure, planning and resources for developing, implementating and maintaining policy for environmental protection.  

How can we Help?

Louisa Inch has successfully completed the Institution of Environmental Management and Assessment's approved implementation course in 2012 and has successfully obtained Full Membership of the Institution of Environmental Managment and Assessment. Only 5% of membership applications are awarded Full Membership, so you are in safe hands with Louisa.

Call us for a chat to discuss your companies requirements and we can advise whether a less complex "stepping stone" approach would be the most appropriate way to implement an EMS into your company or whether the robust and full IS0 14001 compliant EMS would be more beneficial.    

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