Environmental Management Systems streamline companies policies reducing water and energy bills saving money, particularly important at the moment!
The Environmental Management system will need to address the labellign and storage of harmful chemicals to ensure they can\'t leak and damage the environment
The great thing about an Environmental Management System is that you can actually save money by going green. Carefully planned energy reduction and or renewable energy production and reducing water use is the best way to reduce operational costs for your business. Why not promote your green ethos it as well?
A brilliant example of not sorting waste adequately, mixing plastics with metals and woods. This is \"how not to store general waste\"
Does your skip currently look like this? if it does then we can help to write your company policy to seperate, store, recycle and transport your waste.

How can an EMS work for you?

Could your Company deal with a massive fine from the Environment Agency?  

 An EMS helps a company to continually improve its ability to efficiently identify, minimise, prevent and manage environmental impacts as they arise, therefore reducing risk.

Could your company deal with the bad press associated with an Environmental Incident? 

An EMS requires real commitment and incorporates policy, goals, organisational structure, plans, procedures, responsibilities, training and documentation. With a fully audited and certified EMS you can market your environmental goals, generating a pro active, environmentally positive company image, which far outweighs any negative reporting.

Our Services will provide you with the following benefits:

  1. Financial savings through opportunities for improved efficiency and reduced operating costs
  2. Improves environmental performance
  3. Fewer accidents
  4. Reduces insurance costs/premiums
  5. Reduces incidents that result in liability
  6. Facilitates the attainments of permits and authorisations
  7. Encourages employee involvement
  8. Assures your customers of a commitment to environmental mangement
  9. Maintains good public/community relations
  10. Satisfies vendor/investor criteria and improves access to capital
  11. Enhances image and global competiveness
  12. Fosters development and sharing of environmental solutions


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