Drain 1
Supervision of a de-sudge of a traditional GRP onion septic tank
Drain 10
Following the de-sludge an empty primary and secondry settlement chamber with internal baffle. High level outlet to the soakaway.
Drain 11
An empty septic tank following a de-sludge.
Drain 15
A snap shot off our CCTV equipment showing good condition pipework
Drain 16
A snap shot off our CCTV equipment showing pipework partally blocked with fat and washing powder
Drain 2
A newly extended soakaway serving a septic tank
Drain 3
A raised bed to infiltrate pumped treated effluent from a Waste Water Treatment Plant
Drain 9
Inside a septic tank. First chamber settles out the most of the solids, internal baffle with second chamber settling out finer solids, before discharge into the soakaway via the high level outlet. Quite a nice example.
Drains 4
Green Drain Dye testing to prove the connection from our site


A list of villages in Somerset that are not connected to main drainage. Click on the area name to see the list of villages.

Mendip Area

South Somerset

Taunton Dean

West Somerset

If you live outside Somerset, you can contact the local sewerage undertaker to check whether your house is served by mains drainage, or whether you need to check for a Septic Tank or Cesspit.

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