Drain 10
Following the de-sludge an empty primary and secondry settlement chamber with internal baffle. High level outlet to the soakaway.
Drain 12
A brick built manhole with connecting pipework
Drain 13
A nice example showing the amount of debris that can build up in a surface water pipe.
Drain 3
A raised bed to infiltrate pumped treated effluent from a Waste Water Treatment Plant
Drain 6
Connection from our site into the main sewer out into the road, all in pretty good condition
Drain 7
A typical example of a highway drain, clogged up with silt and rubbish
Drain 8
Surface water soakaway under a private access , a nice example
Drain 9
Inside a septic tank. First chamber settles out the most of the solids, internal baffle with second chamber settling out finer solids, before discharge into the soakaway via the high level outlet. Quite a nice example.
Drains 4
Green Drain Dye testing to prove the connection from our site

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