Flooding 1
It is most people\'s dream to own a property adjacent to water, but the consequences of flooding is now close to ruining that perfect fantasy.
flooding 3
Before some flooding events there is usually time to erect temporary flood gates such as this one, which prevents flood water from entering into the property. Although in this case some flood water did get into the property and is being pumped out through the letterbox.
Flooding 5
Most flooding events are forecasted by a joint partnership between the Environment Agency and the Met Office. The flood levels and flood management is usually down to the Environment Agency.
River 1
A meandering River Brue under normal conditions
river 2
A lovely example of a bridge so as not to impede the flow withing the main channel
Waterside development 1
A wonderful example of one of our sites we are proud to be working on. We are testing the water quality of the lakes

Is it possible to obtain flood insurance?

Currently it is but that is all about to change in 2013. The “Statement of Principles” is an agreement between the Association of British Insurers and the Government where Insurers are committed to provide affordable insurance against flood risk. This agreement runs out in June 2013 and it is uncertain how flood risk insurance will be provided in the future. The Association of British Insurers (ABI) have put forward a proposal to use a centralised fund to be used to pay for flood events. However, it will take several years to build up a sufficient fund to pay for a huge flood event such as 2007 where the insurance claims totalled £4bn. The ABI have requested the government to provide a guaranteed interest free  overdraft (to be paid back in full)  in the short term to cover insurance claims if a catastrophic flood event similar to 2007 occurred before the “at flood risk communities fund” had sufficient funds to cover these payments, to which the government has not agreed to date (26.11.12).

That being said, the Statement of Principles and any future flooding agreement does not automatically provide household insurance for properties built post January 2009 and, therefore, it is important for our clients to be aware that if, as a result of our reports, you are awarded planning permission, insurance may be withdrawn and may not be available at any point in the future.

It is strongly advised to seek professional advice from a reputable insurance broker whether you are about to develop a site or whether you are about to purchase an existing property.

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