Drain 1
Supervision of a de-sudge of a traditional GRP onion septic tank
Drain 2
A newly extended soakaway serving a septic tank
Drain 3
A raised bed to infiltrate pumped treated effluent from a Waste Water Treatment Plant
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OK I have tried to register my septic tank and soakaway and the Environment Agency have said I will require an Environmental Permit.  What happens now?

We can advise you on whether you will need to apply for a Standard or a Bespoke Permit. It is probable that your discharge is located within a Conservation Area or a Source Protection Zone and the Environment Agency have to ensure that your discharge will not pollute the environment.

Either Permit will take up to 4 months to decide so if you are planning on selling your house, it would be wise to factor this time period in.

Help, I am about to buy a house and we are waiting for the Permit. Are we safe to exchange contracts?

Most discharges are eventually awarded an Environmental Permit but the Environment Agency can request improvement works which can prove costly, our advice is to wait until you receive the Permit before proceeding.     

How we can help?

The Environmental Permit application forms are complicated and, since this is a legally binding agreement between you and the Environment Agency, it is imperative that the correct information is included, together with any inclusion for future expansion. We have vast experience with completing these and the Bespoke Environmental Permits click here   

Case Study 1

We were appointed to undertake a Flood Risk Assessment to accompany a planning application for a waste transfer site in Somerset. The client decided to award us additional works to apply for and obtain a Standard Permit for the Waste Transfer operation. The site was granted the Standard Permit in June 2011.

I have been told I need a Bespoke Permit are the forms easy to complete? 

The Bespoke Permits forms consist of Part A, F and B and the correct form needs to be completed for the type of discharge or activity.

There is a lot of technical information which needs to be provided with these applications, which include an assessment of pre and post development conditions, environmental risk assessments (source, pathway and receptor) and liaising with the technical team at the Environment Agency.

Case Study

We were appointed to undertake a Pre Purchase Home Owners Drainage Survey for 10 holiday cottages in Somerset. One of the outstanding issues was that there needed to be a valid Environmental Permit for the discharge from the septic tank and soakaway. The client then appointed PWS to submit and obtain the Bespoke Permit for the site and this was granted in June 2012. 

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